August 7, 2006

Feeling Less Like a Luddite: Welcome, Meebo!

Feeling Less Like a Luddite:  Welcome, Meebo! As I’ve written about on occasion (here, here), it’s easy to feel like a Luddite with the rapid pace of change of the web these days.  Anyway, I’m feeling slightly less like one today with the addition of Meebo to my blog. I read about Meebo in David Kirkpatrick’s Fast Forward column last week, and it was such a cool idea, I had to install it right away.  Basically, it adds a widget to the right sidebar of my blog which allows readers to Instant Message me any time I’m online if they’re reading my blog (anonymously, I think, and regardless of whether or not they have a Meebo account, although I needed to create one in order to install it on OnlyOnce). Having a Meebo account is also basically like having a web-based version of Trillian, so I can get on IM from any computer with a browser at any time. Should be an interesting way to hear more from readers.  We’ll see.  Meebo Me!

September 9, 2005

It’s Easy to Feel Like a Luddite These Days, Part II

It’s Easy to Feel Like a Luddite These Days, Part II In Part I, I talked about tagging and podcasting and how I felt pretty lame for someone who considers himself to be somewhat of an early adopter for not understanding them.  So now, 10 weeks later, I understand tagging and have a account, although I don’t use it all that often (quite frankly, I don’t have tons of surfing time to discover cool new content).  And I’ve even figured out how to integrate with Feedburner and with Typepad. I’m still out of luck with Podcasting, mainly because […]