June 20, 2005

It’s Easy to Feel Like a Luddite These Days

It’s Easy to Feel Like a Luddite These Days You know, I feel like I’m a pretty progressive, early adapter kind of guy.  I’m a technology entrepreneur.  We got the iPod for Windows the minute it came out.  TiVo Series I.  One of the very first wireless hubs to create our own wireless LAN at home.  I blog.  I have an RSS feed.  But it’s hard to stand still these days, even for a few months. So here’s my big admission — I still don’t entirely “get” tagging or podcasting.  But I’m making a big push to try them out over the next couple of weeks and see where it goes.  I’ll try tagging first, using, of course, del.icio.us.  Fred and Brad have both posted extensively about del.icio.us and tagging, Fred as an investor in the company and both as users.  So look for the next posting to be a few things I read today on the web and tagged and should automatically become part of my RSS feed courtesy of my friends at Feedburner (but presumably not a blog posting).  We’ll see if this all actually works. With apologies to all those progressive Luddites out there, of course.