February 28, 2006

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing As I wrote about last week, Return Path has been using the Agile Development methodology and Rally Software as our product development framework for about a year now.  It’s worked so well for us, that the concepts, and even the tools, have started to spread virally to other parts of our business. About two months ago, I took over our marketing department as interim CMO.  Our marketing efforts have become increasingly complex in the last year or so as we’ve grown and added multiple new product lines, and as a result, the demands on our relatively small department were becoming unmanageable.  As I wrote about a couple years ago, Marketing is like French Fries — you can always consume just a little bit more of it — and we were really feeling the strain on our marketing team. As I thought about the challenges that faced our marketing efforts, they reminded me a lot of the challenges that faced our product development efforts before we implemented Agile/Rally for those teams.  Multiple external and internal stakeholders with competing priorities.  Poor communication.  Needing to be nimble and agile in a process that has some inherent long lead-time items. So we […]