January 4, 2007

Book (Not So) Short: Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure

Book (Not So) Short:  Raise Your Hand If You’re Sure I couldn’t get the catchy jingle from the 80’s commercial for Sure deodorant (you remember, the one with the Statue of Liberty at the end of it – thanks, YouTube) out of my head while I was reading the relatively new book, Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End.  Written by HBS professor Rosabeth Moss Kantor, Confidence is one of the few business books I’ve read that’s both long and worth reading in full. The book has scores of examples of both winning and losing streaks, from sports, business, politics, and other walks of life, and it does a great job of breaking down the core elements that go into creating a winning streak or turnaround (Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation).  Kantor also puts a very fine point on the “doom loop” of losing streaks and just how hard it is to turn them around.  The book also has a good crisp definition of why winning streaks end — arrogange, anyone? — and has consistent, but not preachy recipes for avoiding pitfalls and driving success.  All in all, very inspirational, even if many of the roots of success lie […]

March 2, 2005

10 Candles

10 Candles My colleague Mike Mayor and I were reminded that yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the founding of the web design firm that would eventually become NetCreations (a company Return Path acquired last year) by Rosalind Resnick and Ryan Scott.  Also, today apparently Yahoo! turns 10 (and is giving away free ice cream to commemorate the event). In different ways, and obviously at different scales, both serve as proof that one of the Internet’s most enduring concepts is to simply allow consumers to tell you what it is they are looking for and then to give it them. […]