December 20, 2005

Four Balls or One Strike?

Four Balls or One Strike? In baseball, four balls is a walk.  Today in New York, all it took was one strike, and lots of us were taking long walks – to work, from work, to dinner.  Even though I’m a CEO and “management” and part of the establishment, I don’t have a systematic bias against organized labor or strikes.   Sometimes, they’re entirely warranted.  (Perhaps it helps that my mother-in-law is a senior exec at a major union – hi, Carmen.)  Also, to be fair, I am not up close and personal on the issue of the transit strike here, so maybe I’m missing something. Those caveats aside, I have a limited amount of sympathy for the TWU and the strikers in today’s walk-out that crippled the city.  Jeff Jarvis lays out a lot of the issues pretty well here, but here’s my take. – The aging population of the world will ultimately force the customary retirement age up from its current level of 65 years to 70 and beyond in our lifetime.  The union is insisting it stay permanently at 55 for their members and wouldn’t consent to raising it even to 62.  Completely out of touch with reality. […]