June 7, 2012

How Creative Do You Have to Be?

How Creative Do You Have to Be? To follow up on last week’s post about the two types of entrepreneurs, I hear from people all the time that they can’t be an entrepreneur because they’re not creative.  I used to say that myself, but Mariquita reminds me periodically that that’s nonsense…and as a case in point, I didn’t have the original idea that gave birth to Return Path James Marciano did.  And I didn’t have the original idea to create a deliverability business, George Bilbrey did.  Or an inbox organizer consumer application, Josh Baer did. But I still consider myself an entrepreneur as the founder and leader of the company, as it takes a lot of creativity and business building acumen to get from an idea to a business, or from a small business to a big business. Sure, you can invent something from scratch.  Someone created the first car.  The first computer.  The first telephone.  Harnessed the power of electricity for home/commercial use.  The first deliverability service or inbox organizer.  George and others will say you can create a process for this…but I think it’s a bit like lightening striking. But sometimes the best ideas are ones that are […]