January 19, 2006

Book Short: Required Reading

Book Short:  Required Reading The Leadership Pipeline, by Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, and James Noel, should be required reading for any manager at any level in any organization, although it’s most critical for CEOs, heads of HR, and first-time managers.  Just ask my Leaderhip Team at Return Path, all of whom just had to read the book and join in a discussion of it! The book is easy to read, and it’s a great hands-on playbook for dealing with what the authors call the six leadersihp passages: From Individual Contributor to Manager (shift from doing work to getting work done through others) From Manager to Manager of Managers (shift to pure management, think beyond the function) From Manager of Managers to Functional Manager (manage outside your own experience) From Functional Manager to Business Manager (integrate functions, shift to profit and longer term views) From Business Manager to Group Manager (holistic leadership, portfolio strategies, value success of others) From Group Manager to Enterprise Manager (outward looking, handle external and multiple constituencies, balance strategic and visionary long-term thinking with the need to deliver short-term operating results) All too often, especially in rapidly growing companies, we promote people and move them around without […]