August 22, 2004

New Media Deal

Americans have long operated under an unwritten deal with media companies (for our purposes here, let’s call this the Old Media Deal). The Old Media Deal is simple: we hate advertising, but we are willing to put up with an amazing amount of it in exchange for free or cheap content, and occasionally one of those ads slips through to the recesses of our brain and influences us in some way that old school marketers who trade in non-addressable media can only dream of. Think about it: – 30 minutes of Friends has 8 minutes of commercials (10 in syndication!) – The New York Times devotes almost 75% of its total column inches to ads – We get 6 songs in a row on the radio, then 5 minutes of commercials – The copy of Vogue‘s fall fashion issue on my mom’s coffee table is about 90% full page ads The bottom line is, advertising doesn’t bug us if it’s not too intrusive and if there’s something in it for us as consumers. Since I started working in “New Media” in 1994, I’ve thought we had a significantly different New Media Deal in the works. The New Media deal is […]