July 4, 2007

The Acquisition (a parody of a parody)

The Acquisition (a parody of a parody) I just spent a great 4th of July with my brother Michael, one of the finer and funnier people I know.  Among other things, we treated ourselves to about the 18th viewing of Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part I on DVD. One of our favorite moments in the movie is the Broadway musical version of “The Inquisition” (lyrics, download MP3).  Since both of us work in the online marketing industry (Michael is a marketing manager at search agency Did-It), Michael came up with the brilliant idea of a parody of a parody…so here goes, all in good fun. The acquisition, what a show The acquisition, here we go We’re on a mission, have you heard the news? The acquisition, serve those ads The acquisition, we’re so glad We’ll make an offer, that they can’t refuse Google, don’t be boring WPP, don’t feel set Yahoo seems to be ignoring: It’s better to lose your market cap than your market! Hey, Steven Ballmer, what do you say? “I just got back from Avenue A” “Avenue A?  What’s Avenue A?” “It’s what I ought not have bought, but I bought anyway!” The acquisition, what […]

March 21, 2007

Leaders Discredited from Leading?

Leaders Discredited from Leading? In Bill McCloskey’s Email Insider column on Mediapost today (hopefully the link will work; sometimes Mediapost isn’t open if you’re not a subscriber), he decries the lack of passion and industry evangelists in the email marketing space and compares it to the search world with at least one example involving Dave Pasternack, co-founder and president of Did-It.  He then goes on to say that there are a few evangelists in the email world, but that two of us — myself and Rich Gingras, CEO of Goodmail, don’t count because we “have a vested interest in being […]