May 27, 2010

Book Short: There is No Blueprint to $1B

Book Short: There is No Blueprint to $1B Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth, by David Thomson (book, Kindle) sounds more formulaic than it is. It’s not a bad book, but you have to dig a little bit for the non-obvious nuggets (yes, I get that growing your company to $1B in sales requires having a great value proposition in a high growth market!). The author looked for commonalities among the 387 American companies that have gone public since 1980 with less than $1B in revenues when they went public and had more than $1B in revenue (and were still in existence) at the time of the book’s writing in 2005. Thompson classifies the blueprint into “7 Essentials,” which blueprint companies do well on across the board. The 7 Essentials are: – Create and sustain a breakthrough value proposition – Exploit a high growth market segment – Marquee/lighthouse customers shape the revenue powerhouse – Leverage big brother alliances for breaking into new markets – Become the masters of exponential returns – The management team: inside-outside leadership – The Board: comprised of essentials experts As I said above, there were some nuggets within this framework that made […]