April 17, 2007

These Things Do Take Lots of Care and Feeding

These Things Do Take Lots of Care and Feeding Pete Blackshaw wrote a really thoughtful piece in ClickZ today entitled “Ten Reasons Why I Should Stop Blogging.”  It’s a good read if you’re a middle of the road blogger…or particularly if you’re thinking about starting a new blog.

October 6, 2006

What Convergence Really Means

What Convergence Really Means Rebecca Lieb wrote a great column last week in ClickZ about Advertising Week and how disappointed she was in it.  The article is worth a read for many reasons, but there was one quote in particular that stuck out to me as I re-read it tonight. Some people talk about convergence as the coming together of old media and new media.  Others talk about digial meeting analog.  Still others talk about the melding of cable, telco, Internet, and wireless.  A brave few even talk about direct marketing and brand advertising. But Rebecca quoted the head of […]

May 25, 2005

Email Articles This Week

Email Articles This Week I know, not a real inspired headline.  There are two interesting articles floating around about email marketing this week.  I have a few thoughts on both. First, David Daniels from Jupiter writes in ClickZ about Assigning a Value to Email Addresses.  David’s numbers show that 71% of marketers don’t put a value on their email addresses.  I think that may be an understatement, but it’s a telling figure nonetheless.  David’s article is right on and gives marketers some good direction on how to think about valuing email addresses.  The one thing he doesn’t address explicitly, though, […]

March 29, 2005

Prepping RSS for Prime Time, Part II

Prepping RSS for Prime Time, Part II David Daniels from Jupiter wrote a good article yesterday in ClickZ about RSS and email marketing.  It reads like a response to comments he received after publishing his main report on this topic earlier in the month.  He tackles three main points:  spam/clutter, personalization, and the (impending) flood of vendors.  It’s definitely worth a quick read if you care about the RSS/email debate and space. I addressed this topic a little bit last June here, although somehow I forgot about the personalization challenge.  I think RSS is closer to prime time than it […]

August 5, 2004

Challenge Response: Oy!

I don’t think the news about AOL buying Mailblocks and its challenge response anti-spam product is such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But it does give me a quick opportunity to rant against challenge/response. First, I don’t think the world is in danger of mass adoption of challenge/response. Earthlink, which in general has much more sophisticated customers than does AOL, has had a hard time gettings its adoption level of this up to the 7-10% level over a period of at least two years. I think it will be even tougher for AOL. I applaud AOL […]