November 7, 2005

Only Twice? or The Un-Big Sur Marathon

Only Twice? or The Un-Big Sur Marathon Well, it wasn’t pretty, but Brad and I finished the 36th running of the New York City Marathon yesterday.  Here we are shortly after the end. This was my second marathon.  When I finished Big Sur in 1996 with my friend Karl Florida, I had a nagging feeling that I’d do another one someday and figured it should be New York given how long I’ve lived here and what a great race it is.  From where I sit today, it’s hard to imagine doing another one.  Finishing is a truly great feeling, but boy is it a lot of work to get ready for it (not to mention a fair amount of pain both getting ready for it and doing it!).  Brad’s nuts — I say this with the utmost admiration — he’s in the process of doing 50 marathons, 1 in each state, mostly over the next 10 years. The whole thing was incredible.  37,000 runners is just a sea of people.  There was never a point on the course when the field really thinned out – all you could see as a runner, in either direction, was just miles of heads […]