May 31, 2012

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You? I think there are two kinds of entrepreneurs, and sometimes, you can be both.  There is the kind that starts businesses, and there is the kind that builds businesses. The kind of entrepreneur who starts businesses but usually doesn’t like running or building them are typically serial entrepreneurs.  How can you spot one?  They: Have an idea a minute and a bit of ADD – they are attracted to bright shiny objects – they can’t focus Would rather generate 1 good and idea and 19 bad ones than just 1 good one Are always thinking about the next thing, only excited by the possibility of what could be, not by what is Are more philosophical and theoretical than practical Probably shouldn’t run businesses for more than a few months Are likely to frustrate everyone around them and get bored themselves Are really fun at cocktail parties Say things like “I thought of auctions online way before eBay!” The second kind of entrepreneur is the kind of person who can run businesses but may or may not come up with the idea.  Typically, these people: Care about success, not about having the idea Love to […]

February 16, 2012

Book Short: Steve Jobs and Lessons for CEOs and Founders

Book Short:  Steve Jobs and Lessons for CEOs and Founders First, if you work in the internet, grew up during the rise of the PC, or are an avid consumer of Apple products, read the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs (book, kindle).  It’s long but well worth it. I know much has been written about the subject and the book, so I won’t be long or formal, but here are the things that struck me from my perspective as a founder and CEO, many taken from specific passages from the book: In the annals of innovation, new ideas are […]

July 19, 2007

Everything That is New is Old

Everything That is New is Old With a full nod to my colleague Jack Sinclair for the title and concept here…we were having a little debate over email this morning about the value of web applications vs. Microsoft (perhaps inspired by Fred, Brad, and Andy’s comments lately around Microsoft vs. Apple). Jack and his inner-CFO is looking for a less expensive way of running the business than having to buy full packages of Office for every employee to have many of them use 3% of the functionality.  He is also even more of a geek than I am. I am […]