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My name is Matt Blumberg. I am a technology and marketing entrepreneur in New York City.  Or Boulder/Broomfield, Colorado.  Or Sunnyvale, California.  Or even London or Paris or Sao Paolo or Sydney.  It depends on the day of the week.

I started a company called Return Path (www.returnpath.com) back in 1999, which I still run today.   We are the global market leaders in email intelligence, which means that we analyze more data about email than anyone else in the world and produce applications that solve real business problems for end users, commercial senders, and mailbox providers.  I’m pretty deep in the middle of the whole email/spam situation, which is very interesting, especially to someone who’s been working in the Internet for over 18 years now.

Before that, I ran marketing and online services for MovieFone/777-FILM (www.moviefone.com), now a division of AOL. Before that — I was in venture capital at General Atlantic Partners (www.gapartners.com), and before that, a consultant at Mercer Management Consulting (www.mercermc.com). And I went to Princeton before that.

I have been married for almost 13 years to Mariquita, who is, as I tell her all the time, one of the all-time great wives. Much to the delight of parents everywhere (especially ours) we ended years of grandchild drought and had a little girl, Casey, in October of 2006, followed quickly by a son, Wilson, in October of 2007, then we completed the hat trick with our third Elyse, who arrived in January of 2009.

I have lots of other hobbies and interests, like traveling and seeing different corners of the world; reading all sorts of books, particularly about business, American history, art & architecture, natural sciences (for laymen!), and anything funny; cooking and wishing I lived in a place where I could grill outdoors; drinking and appreciating wine (Mariquita is a sommelier); playing golf; lumbering my way through the very occasional marathon, eating cheap Mexican food; and playing around with new technology.

IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS BLOG IS ALL ABOUT, read my first two postings: You’re Only a First Time CEO Once, and Oh, and About That Picture.

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