January 26, 2010

Context is King

Context is King

A small post with a good point.  I noticed in The Economist this week something that struck me.  They posted a correction to a prior article.  Publications do that all the time, but this particular correction was placed on a page in the same section of the magazine in which the error appeared a couple weeks before.  Most print publications tend to bury their corrections in the front or the back where they never get seen.  But this one was right in the middle of the magazine, saying “we made a mistake – right here.”  Noteworthy to me for its show of transparency, always appreciated but not seen frequently enough in “official” things.

One response to “Context is King”

  1. Deirdre says:

    Matt …was going to suggest you post something about how to take risks with TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE but figured you may want to wait to see how well those risks play out for you /your investors. Some examples of actions which may give rise to liability include inducing customers to breach a contract with a competitor, mass hirings of employees from a competitor or making false statements about a competitor to lure customers or employees away.