July 27, 2008

Most scenic airport. Ever.

Most scenic airport.  Ever.

Most scenic airport.  Ever.

If all business travel started or ended like this (Jackson Hole), the world would be a happier place, I’m certain.

4 responses to “Most scenic airport. Ever.”

  1. Art says:

    Very nice, but I have been most impressed with Dubai airport http://tinyurl.com/5clk97

  2. bfeld says:

    I disagree. The Homer Airport is nicer.

  3. Mmm. Pretty. However, I'd posit that the airport in Lijiang, China, between two rows in Hymilain mountains is nicer, and scarier, because the valley goes on forever as you land, and I almost thought we were going to run into the side of one of those huge monoliths

    http://snurl.com/3p8k6 [maps_google_com]