June 5, 2008

Poor Systems Integration Just Makes It Worse, Part II

Poor Systems Integration Just Makes It Worse, Part II

In Part I, I talked about how sad/amazing it is that large companies don’t tie their systems together well in this day and age of flexible computing and 1:1 marketing.

A recent research study that our consulting team conducted at Return Path points to more of the same as it relates to email marketing.  The two big findings were that:

– 2/3 of companies in our survey don’t send an immediate welcome message to their new subscribers

– 3/4 of companies in our survey don’t use personalization, even though most ask for personal data

Appalling, right?  The full study, and a 12-minute webcast done by the study’s author, my colleague Bonnie Malone Fry, are available (and really well done!) here.

2 responses to “Poor Systems Integration Just Makes It Worse, Part II”

  1. Obert says:

    Just can't resist to leave some comments on this.

    I've been a long-time subscriber to your blog. So with all the globalization stuff going on, you're switching your focus to Europe and Asia. Don't you think that's what Asia and Eastern europe is famous for – email marketing! They have companies and technologies to not only to penetrate the market, but to deliver a beter ROI than some some random US company like yours to send some emails.

    Permission-based and other stuff? There are a lot of local companies like that doing that. So what's the Return Path comparative advantage?


  2. Ilker says:


    I agree with Obert.

    If you'd be an ivestor in Return Path – what would be your decision making point? Let's say you have $100k to invest in ReturnPath or diversify it into commodities sector – what would you choose?

    ReturnPath email vs USO and other goodies for the next 10 years…

    Matt, you should post your spreadsheets like this… Please 🙂