January 27, 2008

Honestly, Why Bother?

Honestly, Why Bother?

We have a small competitor who has, on and off over the years (they just re-did it) blocked access to their corporate web site from one of our offices.  Like we can’t see it from our other offices or from home or from wireless air cards sitting in our offices.  Honestly, why would you bother going to that trouble just to irk a competitor?  I guess I’m glad that’s how they’re spending their available cycles.

2 responses to “Honestly, Why Bother?”

  1. DTB says:

    We saw this with a ESP competitor about 2 years back. We got word when their employees were calling to find out if we had removed them from our newsletter. They actually blocked our email from being delivered. When their CMO left, they opened it back up, and many of them just subscribed with gmail and other accounts in the mean time. Makes no sense.

  2. miles says:

    What great customer focus!