Aug 162013

OnlyOnce – The Car

OnlyOnce – The Car

Not really contemplating a brand extension to my blog — the book is enough, but my friend Bill Wise just saw this car today in Larchmont, NY!

OO license plate


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  • Tami Forman

    What kind of a car is it? Is the joke "you only live once"? If so, doesn't he (and c'mon, it's a he) know that the hips kids abbreviate that as YOLO?

  • Bill Wise

    It was a Porsche convertible… Should definitely be Matt’s car!!!

    • Matt Blumberg

      Maybe Mariquita’s…M

  • wmougayar

    Ha…I "once" had a license plate NTRNET back in 1995 (maximum was 6 characters). I took it down in 2001 with the crash :)

  • Dave Redpath

    That's a Porsche of some sort… I think the joke is that his wife would permit him to spend money so foolishly (in her view of course) "only once".

    • Matt Blumberg

      Will pass that right on!