Dec 062012

Book Short: Culture is King

Book Short:  Culture is King

Tony Hsieh’s story, Delivering Happiness (book, Kindle), is more than just the story of his life or the story of Zappos. It’s a great window into the soul of a very successful company and one that in many ways has become a model for great culture and a great customer service model.  It’s a relatively quick and breezy read, and it contains a handful of legendary anecdotes from Zappos’ history to demonstrate those two things — culture and customer service — in action.

As Hsieh himself says in the book, you can’t copy this stuff and believe it will work in your company’s environment as it does in Zappos’.  You have to come up with these things on your own, or better yet, you have to create an environment where the company develops its own culture and operating system along the broad lines you lay out.  I think Return Path has many similarities with Zappos in how we seek out WOW experiences and in our Core Values, as well as the evolutionary path we took to get to those places.  But as much as I enjoyed reading about a like-minded company, I also recognized the specific things that were different and had a good visceral understanding as to WHY the differences exist.

It is the rare company that gets to $1 billion in revenue ever – let alone within a decade.  For that reason alone, this is a worthwhile read.  But if you are a student of organizational culture and believe in the power of values-driven organizations, this is good affirmation and full of good examples.  And if you’re a doubter of the power of those things, this might just convince you to think twice about that!

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    essential course of action to build our company? ”

    This is the dilemma I'm probably requested one of the most. The answer I must give will be lengthy. In truth, it’s that long, the idea became overall guide (it’s called Increase Increase, in case you were being wondering).

    Nevertheless our limited solution is easy. To cultivate your business, you must experience a world-­‐class culture. Dedication to creating an amazing culture can be a commitment to making almost all areas of your business better.

    Think it over, you would like first-rate personnel to develop a very good business. To be able to access the cliché from connected with my personal favorite movies; in case you create the idea, they'll come. You’ll never get the amount of folks you want in case your company’s culture will be stodgy as well as way too rigid. Fresh, committed types feverishly prevent this sort of natural environment as well as you’ll end up receiving typical applicants just searching for a take-home pay.