Oct 072011

Must-Read New Blog

Must-Read New Blog

I’ve talked about Why I Love My Board a few times in the past.  I was reminded at my quarterly Board meeting and dinner this week that it’s a great and unusually strong group, and we’re lucky to have them.  Fred and Brad have both been prolific bloggers for years,and I know many of you follow their blogs closely.  Think of that as getting a taste of the input and wisdom you’d get by having them on your Board.

In a very exciting development, one of my independent directors, Scott Weiss, has now started blogging on the Andreessen-Horowitz platform.  Scott is probably our most outspoken and colorful director (and that’s saying something).  Scott just joined Andreessen-Horowitz as a partner in their fund, so he now a VC, but his experience as an operator both at Hotmail in Internet 1.0 and then at Ironport have been incredibly valuable for me as an entrepreneur, and I expect most of his posts to focus on the entrepreneur’s perspective.

Two of Scott’s first three posts, Looking Bigger and Ridiculously Transparent, are perfect examples of the value I’ve gotten out of my six year relationship with Scott as a Board member.  If you want a taste of what it would be like to have him in your corner…subscribe to his blog!

  • Jos Burger

    This is why I love your blog and the new blog of Scott Weiss; people with strong operational experience who have lived through different times and different phases of a company, learned from it and share their experiences with the rest of the world.

    • Matt Blumberg

      Thanks, Jos!

  • John Campbell

    Great blog Matt. Read through your "Why I Love My Board" blog through the link…. Very good blog and some of the points resound with me more than others. I am happy to having found your blog by chance today…. Great way to end the day.

    • Matt Blumberg

      Thanks, John!