May 192008

Do Business Books Suck for Entrepreneurs?

Do Business Books Suck for Entrepreneurs?

Ben thinks they do.  Some of his reasons are pretty good, but I’d challenge a few of them, or at least his finer points.

My experience over the years is that while most business books are not geared toward entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneur will figure out how to milk them for what they’re worth quickly and apply key learnings to his or her company. 

The reality is that running a startup or high growth company is a multi-faceted and incredibly dynamic experience, and having a bunch of outside inputs in the form of business book examples and theories can be really helpful. 

Even bad ideas can spur good thinking.

  • Mike Smith – Bootstr

    Good assessment of entrepreneur books. I've read a few and feel like I wasted those hours of my life, while other books like "Bootstrapping Your Business" and "Guerrilla Marketing" have proven to be priceless.

  • michael

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  • matt_blumber478

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  • Paul Singh

    You're right, entrepreneurs have much to gain from books that strike a balance between practical advice and theory. The real question is, how much time do entrepreneurs really have?

    Regardless of the answer, it's important to stay well read (or atleast have a circle of mentors). You never know when you might pick up some useful information that might effectively save you and/or your business.

  • matt_blumber478

    RE: Paul Singh commented on Do Business Books Suck for Entrepreneurs?

    Making time for reading is important – both business books and non-business books. It's a form of Covey's “sharpening the saw.” Before we had kids, I was able to carve out reading time here and there. Now, it's only on airplanes, but that's enough for me. Thanks for the comment.