Jun 222007

What An Ugly Way to Use Email

What An Ugly Way to Use Email

From our friend Andy Sernovitz comes this tale of horror about how Vonage is using viral email.  Talk about creating NEGATIVE word of mouth.  Yikes!  This qualifies Vonage for my customer service Hall of Shame with Verizon, United Airlines, WebEx, and FedEx/Kinko’s.

Thanks to my colleague Margaret Farmakis for the inspired headline.

  • http://www.damniwish.com Andy Sernovitz

    Matt —

    Thanks for help spreading the word. Big-scale boneheadedness like Vonage’s just makes it harded for all the honest companies that value the voice of the consumer.

    Andy Sernovitz
    Word of Mouth Makreting: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

  • http://disruptivemarketing.jeffweinberger.com Jeff

    I’d vote for adding Comcast to your list…they are most certainly on mine!

  • http://onemansgoal.blogspot.com 365 Days

    Don’t forget to add AOL to that list…

    Love the post. I’ll have to check in more often now that I found this. What a diamond in the rough. Great stuff, keep it up!

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