May 032007

Feeling Less Like a Luddite: Welcome, Lijit!

Feeling Less Like a Luddite:  Welcome, Lijit!

As I’ve written about a few times (here, here, and here), it’s easy to feel like a Luddite with the rapid pace of change of the web these days. Anyway, I’m feeling slightly less like one today with the addition of Lijit to my blog.

You’ll notice that I changed the search box from Google to Lijit on the right hand side of the page on OnlyOnce.  Lijit seems like it’s a better way to search a blog, and maybe other things as well.  Using Lijit, you can search not just the text of the blog itself (which is what Google allowed), but Lijit also goes out and searches a few other buckets of related content all in the same fell swoop.  So while it searches the blog, it also searches other sites that I run, other sites that are related to my site (e.g., blogs I subscribe to), other services where I might post content, like Flickr and Delicious and LinkedIn, and the open web.  Search results with four tabs — now that’s making good use of the web!

  • Tamara Gielen

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for pointing to this widget. I’ve been looking for a good search tool for a long time and I’ve finally found it :)

    See you in Florida next week!


  • Derrich

    Nice tool. I think I may try it. I was using the Google search tool to help monetize my site, but I haven’t earned but a few pennies on it. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.

  • Alexandre

    Thanks Matt,

    It is a nice tool indeed but nothing more then a “Skin” to Google Custom Search, like “Rollyo” to Yahoo Personal Search.
    But it does the job well, so that you enter basically all your social and professional network accounts so that they are used as sources to your Google Custom Search Engine. This way, the user does not have to notice that Google can not create a CSE on your topic of interest without you doing the intelligent work for them, providing the appropriate sources to bring relevant results with no noise.

    While Lijit is really nice as a Personal network Search, there is another approach to topic specific search engines: Personal Search Syndication (PSS!) by Septet Systems.

    You define your topic of interest with simple keywords, as opposed to defining it through bookmarks in delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc… and you let the system build a 100% customizable information repository for you. Since there is a full text index, if you modify your search criterias, the results are adjusted on the fly. Documents will be removed and new queries will be launched in order to gather new relevant information.

    An example on Retun Path is

    An example on a Zinedine Zidane is

    Like Lijit, you can post a search box in your blog or website to offer content specific searches:

    Thanks again for your blog :-)


  • Todd Vernon

    Alexandre shows some interesting ways that you can build tailored search engines of stuff for yourself. However, the point of lijit is to create a way for your subscribers to use the information you write about, bookmark, etc. AND your network of influencers to give your subscribers targeted information(different audience). And we do it all automatically and we change it hourly. The average persons network of people changes every hour yeilding new up to date results. CSE is static and doesn’t change with your network and connections.

    Lijit then gives publishers a way to use the interaction of your subscribers to better understand what information they are looking for from you. Give it a try Alexandre and don’t think of it as a way for “you” find information, its all about your subscribers!