Nov 092006

Get a Phone!

Get a Phone!

An emerging pet peeve of mine (which I’m feeling acutely at this precise moment) is people who do job interviews on a cell phone.  I understand that lots of people today, especially younger people, don’t have land lines, only cell phones.  They’re welcome to do that, although why someone wouldn’t get Vonage for $15/month, I’m not sure.

The reality is that cell phones in this country still get poor reception half of the time.  How can you conduct a job interview and expect to be taken seriously if the person interviewing you can’t hear you and has to keep asking you to repeat yourself?  It’s as if you showed up for a job interview wearing a suit jacket with a bathing suit.  You’d just never do it.  Find a real phone somewhere that you can borrow.  Get Vonage.  Make sure you show up in person.  Something other than a cell phone, please.

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  • Jason Preston

    Oddly enough, I’ve recently switched to using my cell phone for conference calls and important calls because my landline keeps cutting out.

    Go figure.

  • Christine

    I’ve made this mistake before, but it was only because I couldn’t afford a land line during graduate school. Now I have a land line! (of course no interviews now, go figure).

  • Constance Reader

    Signing up with Vonage is extra expenditure for no added benefit; everything I need to do is part of my mobile phone service. I don’t need to be at home or in a free, unprotected wifi hotspot to use my mobile. I’ve been toying with VoIP for months now but there is nothing to be gained.

  • anonymous

    How many anachronistic comments can you pack into a single paragraph?

    1) Get a landline. (Bet you won’t have one in 5 years.)
    2) Wear a suit to a job interview. (Do you focus on Fortune 500 companies?)
    3) Get Vonage. (Heard of Skype?)

  • Matt Blumberg

    Love those anonymous comments — no way to email the person directly. Pardon the anachronisms. Use a little creativity and you can get to my meaning. My point remains: don’t do a job interview over a crappy phone connection.

  • J.D.

    I had Vonage for a while because I don’t trust cell phones to have good (or even consistent) coverage…but Vonage turned out to be even worse.

    Not Ready Yet. Hopefully soon; I’d love for VoIP to take over.

  • yoshi

    hey! I had two successful interviews over the cellphone. Step 1 is to make sure the interviewer can hear me loud and clear on the other end of the line.

    Reception-wise, someone taking their interview seriously should find another place which gets good reception and conducive.

    -still going through interviews..root for me-