Aug 282006

Tech on the Brain

Tech on the Brain

I heard a good one today — a really good one.  A friend of a friend (who of course shall remain nameless) was at a stoplight the other day in front of a big Victoria’s Secret store with a big sign out front advertising their newest product — Wireless Bras.  Anyway, this friend sat there for a full traffic light cycle trying to figure out why the heck you’d need a bra that’s wi-fi enabled, and how you’d hook it up to a computer monitor or laptop to take advantage of the feature.

Fortunately, it did eventually dawn on this person that this was an ad that referred to the absence of physical support wires, not EVDO or 80211.g standards or a home LAN.  I’m sure there’s some awful off-color joke here involving either the word Bluetooth or the term backwards-compatible, but I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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  • Charlie

    Would that be 802.11 A, B, or *gasp* G?