Aug 112005

My RSS Feed

My RSS Feed

In an effort to manage my blog and RSS feed a little better, I’d like to request that anyone who gets my RSS feed NOT via Feedburner — that is, via the default Typepad feed — resubscribe to the Feedburner feed at  Thanks!

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  • Dan Kohn

    It’s probably too late to fix, but you’re making a big mistake here. Sure, FeedBurner is a great service. But are you really sure that they will remain the very best service, even 5 years from now? Because by having your subscribers use their feed, you’re locking into their service (quite likely forever), in the process disintermediating yourself from your own subscribers.

    Imagine signing up for an email service provider to manage your lists, where if you later cancelled with them, your only option would be to email the list and ask *your* subscribers to resubscribe to a different list. What do you think your conversion rate would be? That’s what you’ve done.

    What’s ashame is that there’s a simple technical fix that lets you get all the benefits of FeedBurner (which is a great service) without locking in. You should be having users subscribe to a feed at your blog, and then using HTTP temporary redirects to send them to FeedBurner. Your users would never know the difference, but you leave open the possibility of switching to a different service in the future. FeedBurner describes how at and jump to step 3.

    Of course, this is probably not worth doing unless you also switched to using your own domain name for your blog, so that you’re not just locking into another (currently great) vendor, Movable Type. Note that if MT doesn’t currently support temporary redirects to FeedBurner, they really should.

    Obviously, I have nothing against FeedBurner or Movable Type, which are two of the best companies in an incredibly exciting new space. But similarly, even though I use iTunes and an iPod, I don’t have confidence that Apple will continue to produce the best music service *and* the best music player, even 5 or 10 years from now. So, I don’t want my music purchases to be locked forever into their platform. (Along those lines, check out jHYMN

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