May 182005

How Much Blogging is Too Much Blogging?

How Much Blogging is Too Much Blogging?

After being completely (and blissfully, I might add) offline for 11 days, I have returned to find 247 new postings in my Newsgator folder.  Only a short year ago, I would have come back from vacation to too many emails…now I get to sift through too many emails AND too many blog postings.

On the bright side, I have at least these two images of the Barolo wine country Barolo_landscape_largeand the Amalfi coastAmalfi_coast_large solidly etched in my brain to ease re-entry to work. Anyone interested in a brief travelog of the Italian countryside, click here and follow the top link.

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  • Drew

    I wake up every morning and have that many RSS feeds to read. :(

    However it is a far better solution than sifting through 24.7 new items from 10 websites… it just needs better filtering of information for me.